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Today’s episode was another good one well I don’t think it was as good as the last three but the end was a shocker that lifted the whole episode. The Episode starts off in with the Doctor , Rory and Pond being brought to a weird alien space hotel. The hotel I must say is very creepy but I think I just feel that way about anything that looks a bit 70’s, there are some weird pictures on the wall off loads of different aliens that had stayed in the hotel and perished. This was cool because it showed a lot of my favorite aliens like the Sontaran‘s and the Jadoon who are tragically under used in the show. The Doctor, Rory and Pond then meet a another three guests of the hotel who weren’t planning on being there. This group was made up of a sniveling obedient creature played by David Walliams a nurse and a geeky blog ( ūüėÄ ) the group initially threaten the Doctor and the Pond’s out of fear but the doctor calms them down and takes and instant shine to the nurse. They explain that there are scary things in every room and you will be drawn to a room which holds your greatest fear you wont know what to expect but when you see it you will know.¬†

The new group show the Doctor and the Pond’s to a fourth member of their group is¬†possessed¬†by some kind of monster that he wants to praise and be killed by. There are also some very creepy¬†ventriloquist¬†dolls which I really didn’t like. The possessed man then gets free and is chased down by the¬†Minotaur¬† and get’s the life sucked out of him. ¬†The Doctor establishes that the praising of the Minotaur is what allows him to drain you and the praising comes from fear. There are some great little lines from David Walliams playing Gibbis like “resistance is¬†exhausting” I think he added a great touch of¬†humor¬†to the whole episode which ended up getting quite dark. The blogger then starts to “praise him”¬†and becomes possessed. The group decides to not get scared and try to catch the Minotaur and manage to trap the beast in a room of mirrors and the doctor talks to him and finds out that the Minotaur¬†doesn’t¬†want to kill these people but he’s driven by instinct and¬†can’t¬†help it. The Doctor thinks that he’s made a break through but then Gibbis lets the blogger get free to go to his death because he is so cowardly. The Minotaur then breaks out of the room to get the blogger swatting Rory aside.

The Group then do their best not to enter the rooms that they are drawn to but Gibbis and Pond end up in a room with weeping angels which was cool for about 2 mins till the doctor comes in and notices that they are holograms and that nothing there seeing is real. You initially think the room is pond’s but it turns out to be Gibbis’s room and Ponds is still to come. The nurse and the doctor continue to get closer he describes her as magnificent and drops hints that he wants her to travel with him, and she tells him that she is a muslim and that doesn’t fear hell and that will see her through whats going on; only making the doctor admire her more.

The nurse then gets drawn into her room which is her dad shouting at her calling her a¬†disappointment she gets out but she’s¬†already¬†started to praise the Minotaur. The Doctor has also found his room but you¬†don’t¬†get to see whats in the room. The doctor seems interested in why Rory hasn’t found a room yet and why the Minotaur just left him when it knocked Rory over. Rory drops hints that he’s no longer happy traveling with the doctor after last weeks choice saying things like ” after traveling with you whats there to be scared of anymore”. ¬†The Nurse gets separated and invites the Minotaur to claim her and all the doctor can do is watch her as she except’s her fate on the security system. The Doctor is furious with himself that he let the nurse die.

The Doctor notices that she is calm when she’s “ripe” for the Minotaur and has figured out that it was here faith that allows the beast to feed and that he has been speeding up the¬†process¬†by telling to not be scared and hold on to what they believe in. That is why Rory was left alone because he doesn’t believe in anything anymore but Pond’s belief in the doctor makes her a target and as he explains pond starts to praise the Minotaur. ¬†The Minotaur starts to chase them to get to pond and they end up running into the doctor’s room. There they find young Pond waiting at her window with her suitcase for the doctor to come back for her. The Doctor¬†realizing¬†that pond will die if she keeps believing in him tells her the “truth” that he’s just a mad man in a box and he brought her along for the ride because she adored him and he needed that for his ego. ¬†This scene was really intense and really showed the guilt and self loathing that has¬†always¬†been an aspect of the Doctor’s¬†character¬†since the series re birth that has bubbled under the surface but rarely shown itself like in this episode.

After the Doctor breaks Pond’s confidence in him the Minotaur can’t feed on her anymore and he dies. The Doctor comforts the beast as it dies, the beast describes himself as creature that has lived for many years and that is covered in the blood of the innocent, but then tells the doctor he was describing the Timelord. This to me is another indication that with impending death the doctor will look more deeply at what he’s done in his lifetime and the series will get much darker like some of David Tennant’s fantastic last episodes.

After they’ve dropped Gibbis off on the nearest galaxy the Doctor drops the ponds of at a
fancy house that he had got for them and gets Rory a fancy car ( the car from the first episode of season 6) . He then tells Pond that he’s leaving them there to get on with there lives; Pond tries to convince him not to but she understands that the doctor doesn’t want to be responsible for the death of her and Rory and accepts she must stay. It was all very sad the Ponds have been fantastic as the doctors companions but the doctor said he will see them again and i hope they end up back in the Tardis¬†full¬†time¬†at some point.

This¬†was a great episode that started off a bit¬†slowly¬†but finished strong¬†this series will be spectacular I think !! Next week we see the return of James Corden as Craig and the Cybermen I¬†can’t¬†wait¬†its been far to long since we last saw them ūüôā


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